hi there, this is my first post and i hope to contribute to this community in any way that i can.

I have a database table with columns-> name, address, zipcode. each row contains the address of a person.

desired result:
i need to generate letters in crystal reports, windows forms in vb.net
the letter starts with
Helo Mr/Ms [name from database table row]
<blah blah generic content for all people>
<address from database table row>

so I want crystal reports to pick up names and address from each row of the table and generate letters for each person

i made a dataset of the table and passed it as source to the crystal reports. But a letter is being generated for only the first record. if I use this dataset as source for a datagrid -> the grid displays all rows.

I want that letters be generated for all rows in the dataset.

Help needed,

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