Hi all,

i hope that to find help and found how to do that

i have creat table in my database and i add days as bit and save the days that employee must work in week and i can get the count of work days at week for each employee


i need that to get how many days must employee work in any month becouse i have many employee each one of them his work days in week not the same for all

some employee work (3 days in week) , other work (4 days in week), other work (6 days work) so i need to get how many days employss must work in any month (becouse some month has 30 days and other has 31 days) to set the monthly work target for each employee ?

You also have to do that by the week because many months have two partial weeks. For example the first week in October 2013 has only 5 days instead of 7 and the last week also has only 5 days. So how will you count them if an employee works 6 days/week?

Which days may also be important. If the employee works Monday, Wed, and Friday, he will work only 2 days during the first week of Oct 2013, not 3 days. An employee who works Tue, Wed and Thursday will work all 3 days during the same week.