Friends please help me... I have Three text boxes 1.Bank 2.Acno 3.Name I am selecting record from database where Bank and Acno are =(txtbank.text and txtacno.text) If any record found, the focus should go to the third textbox-'Name' else message "Record not found" should be displayed.I tried the following code but no success.

SQL = "SELECT *  from Receipts WHERE Bank='" & TxtBank.Text & "'" & "AND Acno='" & TxtAcno.Text & "'"
DA = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(SQL, CN)
DA.Fill(DS, "Deposit")
If DS.Tables(0).Rows.Count = 0 Then
MsgBox("No Such Account")
End If

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TxtName.Text = "value" is how you assign to the TxtName text field

String value -Name of the a/c holder.It is retrieved from the table if "record is found". But does it affect the selection and record count? I think,txtName Will not come to the picture till the selection and record count is over.

There are so many experts in this forum,I know. Many times they have helped me much.But this time.. Being very new to my questions may be very silly.Don't disregard me. Please help please please.....

is there any error ? if yes what is it ?
what are you trying to do, just focus on name textbox or get the name value.

I want this ..if record exists name value should be reflected in txtname,simultaneously the focus should be shifted to txtName, if no record exists message "No such account" should be shown. On working my code neither name value is shown nor message is displayed, still the focus is shifted to txtName.

ok here's the code

        Dim cmd As OleDbCommand
        Dim dr As OleDbDataReader
            cmd = New OleDbCommand("SELECT *  from Receipts WHERE Bank='" & TxtBank.Text & "'" & "AND Acno='" & TxtAcno.Text & "'", CN)
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader
            If dr.Read Then
                TxtName.Text = dr("Name")
                MsgBox("No Such Account")
            End If
        End Try

Ok Thank You.....I got it

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