Hello everyone! I have made a game intended for the Rasberry pi in python. It is called Pi Blocks, but all of my friends with windows want to play it, so I've been trying and trying to get the game into an exectutable format, but nothing seems to work! I've tried just about everything the internet has to offer.. so, does someone smarter than me want to convert this to an exe?: Download this and convert it please :)

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Just a very quick question.. Why would you need/want to convert this to an .exe - Why not give them the source code?

Have you tried: http://www.pyinstaller.org/ ?

Yes I have tried pyinstaller, same problem, but pyinstaller doesn't log the error. And my friends aren't very computer savvy, having an exe would just make it much easier.

Thanks @vegaseat, but I got it fixed :)

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