Hello, thing is Im doing my systems engineering internship in the systems department of a mall... the manager told me about a project they have in mind... and intranet were store owners can communicate with the mall to report problems and inform of payments. On this intranet, different departments of the mall would be able to communicate with each other as well.

So... user identification would be a must, and the user interface would depend on wich profile he/she is using.

As theres a lot of free time in front of a computer on the internship time, Id like to start developing this but Im kind of clueless... I could make the login system with different interfaces on Visual Basic but dont know how to link two PCs with all this shared information.

Ive read about Sharepoint and it seems to be suited for this but I have never used it so Im wondering what software would you recommend and how would you start the project? Thanks

You would need to work in the Local Area Network which they are all connected to. After this you setup a static ip for them to connect to (Usually a server) and do all the modifications on there, if they want to access to the intranet then you use the ip address to access it

I agree the first thing you will need is LAN which they are all connected to. Then you will need to put services on the LAN. Herein lies lots of 'headache/heartache'.

To ease this I suggest that you look at the Turnkey Linux family of Virtual Appliances.

To quote:-
'Turnkey Linux is a virtual appliance library that integrates and polishes the very best open source software into ready to use solutions. Each virtual appliance is optimized for ease of use and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.'

I use their LAMP appliance and it saves me hours of configuration time. It is an install and go solution.

As you will see they have over 100 pre-configured appliances. Some of them are 'niche' solutions; however you could save yourself weeks of work by taking time to brows the library and understand just what is available to download for FREE.

Best of luck with your project