I am trying to create the application in which I can add the Data in this Manner:
1st column: Sr. No ; 2nd Column: Downloads Name ; 3rd Column: Download URL ; 4th Column: Uploader ; 5th Column: Date
And then all the rows get startedarrange in this manner.
I try to use List view Item in this But I just get know that How I can add column and sub item,
But still I wonder on How to edit data, delete data, and also when I click on link process get started.

Reason: Why not I Use Excel Itself for this?
Because I want to add auto updater which is not available on Excel.
So I think that I should add this excel filr in the VB.Net & My application will check for update.

I try to add reference, but failed

Help me out please

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You can download file directly so where the question of excel.?
I think I send you the code/hint previously for auto updater...
You can do this easily with list view Item

I forgot to mark as solve.

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