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I have created a linked list and I wish for the user to enter a Station and then the output is the number stored for that station.

LinkedList myList = new LinkedList();

            myList.addFirst("London", 5);            
      myList.addNode("Manchester ", 10);

      myList.addNode("Liverpool", 20);
      myList .addNode("Birmingham", 50);

This is the input for the user to enter.

          String name;              
              name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Station: ");

   StringNode  temp;

       temp = mylist.head;

       if (temp.Station == (name)) {



For example if the user inputs London it outputs 5 and if they choose london AND Manchester it outputs 15.

The rest of the methods are just adding a new data and printing.


The simplest way is to use the list.listIterator(start_pos) function to get a ListIterator instance. Using that you would walk the list using to walk the list. Also, you need to create a class/structure that has two elements (name and number) to insert into the list since your method of addFirst(name, number) and addNode(name, number) is invalid. The LinkedList::addFirst and add methods take a single entity to add to the list. There IS no 'addNode' method. :-)

Anyway, here is a link to the Java6 LinkedList documentation:

One final note: LinkedList is a template class. You have to declare it as such:

class MyClass {
    string m_name;
    int    m_number;

    MyClass(string name, int number)
        m_name = name;
        m_number = number;
LinkedList<MyClass> myList = new LinkedList<MyClass>();
myList.addFirst(new MyClass("London", 5));
myList.add(new MyClass("Manchester", 10));