i have to develop a code for coversion of video files from raw format to mp4 in linux os using cpp....
i also have to save the resulting mp4 format...
friends can anyone plz help me do this
i ll be very thankful to you

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This is NOT a trivial exercise. I assume you are already a competent C++ programmer? There are several factors to consider for video transcoding (which is what this is all about):

  1. This complex stuff - I assume you only need to deal with a limited number input types? What are they?
  2. There are open source tools out there to learn from, such as ffmpeg (the Swiss Army Knife of video transcoders). Download and study their code. You will learn a lot.
  3. DO NOT just copy their code (ffmpeg or others) - this is cheating and YOU WILL be caught! Some transformations are so fundamental that copying directly may be ok, but a) include proper attribution in your code, and b) ask your professor first if this is OK or not.
  4. Good luck!

Here is a link to the ffmpeg web site: https://www.ffmpeg.org/

thank you frnd,
but i am not that good in cpp...
and cant i do my job for video conversion and save without using ffmpeg..
as i have to develop a code which is an extension for some already written coding for video recording which is saved in raw format...

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