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See if you can find a site which lists the challenges from the google code jam. I've done a few from their "practice" arena when it was available in 2005. I think the 2006 is going to start soon.


Hey buddy. I saw something and thats exactly what i am looking for. Some good case study kinda java questions. But that was an image. Could not see the full question. Is there a site where i can get access to sample questions and answers of google code jam or similar site.


I know the thread is a little old, but in case if someone still refers it. you can find some nice practice questions here


a 'little' old? you do have a talent for understatement, don't you?
not only old, also bit ... sneaky. as far as I can tell, by looking at the previous posts, what he wanted to do, was "borrow" (propably his choice of words) or "steal" (the legal definition) contents of other sites to make his site more attractive to programmers.

and yes, I know, that is a lot easier than actually doing some effort yourself, but it also reflects on the contents of your site. some of the questions provide you with possible answers, too bad the correct one is not always among them.

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