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It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) You can program in it in C#, C++, VB, F# etc. It offers all the tools to make life of a programmer as easy as possible.


VB.net is just like Visual Basic in .net framework. its extention of classic Visual Basic.

i just give the overview about it . For more detial you should google for it.


1.) Visual Studio?
Visual Studio is the bunch of programming Languages (with net framework)
2.) What this Include?

  • Visual Basic.Net
  • Visual C#
  • C++
  • F#

3.) Which Framework version Required?
Depend on the version. (latest framework version: 4.5)
the feature is inbuid so as you install visual studio framewor will be also install with it so...
4.) OS?
For Windows Xp user: use the Visual Studio 2010 or lower
For Windows 7 user: use the Visual Studio 2012/2013 or lower
For Windows 8 User: use the Visaul Studio 2013 or lower
5.) From where to download Visual Studio Latest Version.?
type in the google. (the 1st link below adv. will be official site)
for torrent download type the samething on piratebay...
6.) Which Book should I prefer?
Its depend on your understanding.
there are lots of books available now a times and all having same knowledge (language may be high level or low level)
or there one more optionm you can also get to the youtube for the more lectures... and try to create your own way something this will be work as your practicse work...


Dear Deep Modi, Can I distribute/Deploy in other computers ,any program developed in visual basic express 2012, which is free?
Is the diployment wizard available in it?

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