ok guys I really need help with this homework assignment that my teacher sent I really dont know where to start a little help will be great.

You are to write a program that will compute grades. Its input will be a file containing semester
scores in TAB-separated format as in:
Doe, Jane 82 90 -1 89

Each input line will contain the same number of TAB-separated fields but this number
will not be the same in all input files.
Your program should compute the average for each student and assign them a grade. The
grade should be A if the student's average is ≥ 90.0, B if the average is ≥ 80 (and <90.0), and so
on. If a student had an excused absence for a test the score will be entered as -1. A single -1
should not count in the average, that is, the average should be computed using the remaining test
scores. If a student has two or more missing test scores then the grade of I (complete) should be
assigned. Your program should save the grades in a second file in comma-separated format
(CSV) as in:

**"Doe, Jane",82,90,-1,89,87.0,B
… **
and print a summary displaying of how many students have made A, B, C, D, F, and I.
The output of your program should look like

**Enter the name of the file with the student scores: grades.txt *
Enter the name of your output file: *lettergrades.txt

**Total Number of A’s: 12
Total number of B’s: 20
Total number of C’s: 6
Total number of D’s: 0
Total number of F’s: 1
Total number of I’s: 2
Your program should be able to handle input file containing quotes as in:

**Coronado, Eduardo "Lalo" 82 90 87 89 **

Start by writing the code to read an input file. You can't really do anything else till that works.

Decide if you want to read and store the whole file's worth of data, or read a line, process it, read the next...

Show some work here, tell us what specific problem you're having, and you'll get more constructive aid.