This part of the code in a program Im translating is giving me problems and I dont really know how to solve it. Could some one help?? does anyon know how to do it?

void max(int int list1[], int list2[], int list3[], int n)
int j;
for (j = 0; j < n; j++)
if (list1[j] > list2[j])
list3[j] = list1[j];
list3[j3] = list2[j];

this is what I have so far:

list5:  .equate 8
n5:     .equate 6
temp2:  .equate 4
temp:   .equate 2
j5:     .equate 0
reverse: subsp 4, i
        ldx     0, i
        stx     j, s
        lda     n, s
        sta     temp, s
for5:   cpx     temp, sxf
        brge    endFor5
        ldx     list5, x
        stx     temp2, s
        lda     list5, x
        ldx     j, s
        sta     list5, x
        subx    n, s
        subx    1,i
        subx    j, s
        stx     j, s
        ldx     j, s
        lda     temp2,s
        sta     list5,x
        br      endFor5
endFor5:addsp   4, i

Assembler languages are not likely to get many answers here - the expertise required is not common, unless you go to Google. I think a professor at Pepperdine University invented the language as a teaching tool. So, here is a link:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any user discussion forums there, or otherwise.