Hi. I understand that its not nice to ask for a full program source. I dont think that making an autoclicker in VB would be such a long code. Mabye a few lines?

If you won't make a full src can you please tell me what functions I would use?

I need to specify the postition of the mouse. I read on a forum that I would need to make 2 text boxes. One for X and one for Y.
I need to make the program able to autoclick on the click of a button like START. And STOP.
I almost did it in C++. Sadly I dont know how to do windows programming in it yet LOL :P

So please help me out.

Thanks alot guys/girls.

What program are you wanting it to "click" on?
What operating system?
Will you feed it the co-ords for the clicks or will it be prerecorded?

While moving the mouse to a particular location and clicking on it is simple enough, we will need the location(s). Specifying the "START" button on a form will not be enough ( without a lot more coding ) , we would need x and y co-ords.


The coords will be pre recorded.
Used for windows 98SE.
I want to click on a game. Conquer Online. :) :mrgreen:

Coords 423,430

THANKS ALOT :mrgreen:

Oh which ever is easyier... I specified the coords i would prefer if I had to specify the coords. Of course executing the autoclick action on click would be perfect. I just thought specifying would be easyier becaause it is one command..

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