Is there any option which i can activate when using ECLIPSE so that when i m typing S... for String or i.. for int etc... to automaticly give me suggestions that i want a int if the first letter is i or i want a String if the first letter is S or anything else depending on what i m typing. I switched to Java since i m familliar with C# and VISUAL STUDIO gave me that choice and now i m quite insecure when writting some other built in methods or classes. I ve downloaded the Classic eclipse from the eclipse downloads url.

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I don't think there is a built in function of Eclipse that offers this, however they may be a plugin floating around out there. I'd have a look for that


Eclipse has "content assist" and "autocomplete" that do things like listing valid method names when you start to program a method call, or providing shortcuts for common text like System.out.println(
Just Google those terms for details.

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