what it entails,difference between it, open source and closed source

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try google

Hi Kwesi

Have a read of the GNU Public License, just the preamble section. It should give you a general idea of what opensource is about. There are of course other opensource licenses, AGPL, MPL, Apache and MIT.

If you're looking to include opensource software in your projects, make sure you read the full license and comply with any requirements. Typically you'll need to acknowlege any code you have used and redistribute a copy of the license. Some opensouce licenses might oblige you to make your own code public.

Proprietary software license in comparison are closed source. You're not usally free to look at or modify the code. If your business depends on proprietary software, check to see if the vendor offers an escrow agreement. These can provide a level of safety, access to their sourcecode in some circumstances.

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