Greetings, dear Python forum users, from newly appointed moderator pyTony!

There have been some development lock up of the Forum database occuring due to debugging process of current transition process to new Forum software. I have today been appointed as moderator and I have started to learn the processes involved by little clean up of some recent threads in this my 'Home Forum'. I hope I can do my duties well, and sorry that English not being my native language, my language may not allways be flawless.

If you have not done so, click the Formatting Help link found in corner of editing box of the shining new editor to familiarize yourself with the easy to use Markdown language now used for post formatting in our Forum.

* paste your code and after that move up highlighting the code by keeping the SHIFT key down, push TAB
* Push Code button from menu bar without selection and paste your code to opened windows

If you want to copy code from posts, you should double click the post to get the plain text of the post highlighted, then do copy/paste with your prefered way

There is much helpfull information on the Daniweb Community Feedback Forum.

Thank you for your understanding during this transition time of the Forum software!

Let's us also appreciate the huge development effort and sleepless nights of Dani to get the new Forum software up and running!



P.S. Hope you have been enjoying the code snippets our Python posters have been collecting for your support.

Congratulations! Tony :-)

Congrats Tony! I have found your posts to be most helpful and I am pleased that you have acheived this honor!

I am also quite happy about the change to Markdown language, I think it's much for efficient.

All the best,

- WolfShield

I bump this thread as Code pasting practice has changed.

Congratulations for moderatorship. Now, you're supposed to have all the solutions, so tell me, is there a way to display threads by last post first in the new system ? It was a very nice feature in the previous daniweb interface, please do something so that the administrative staff implement this.

There have been discussion on the feature, but I think it was not very high in list? I myself did not like the feature so much as the logic of thread was lost, maybe it would have taken some getting used to.

I have one wishlist in admin forum for improvements I add your wish there for Dani to consider. Main focus now is anything increasing trafic back to normal. You are doing admirable job here in Python forum, Gribouillis.

Congratulations for moderatorship. Now, you're supposed to have all the solutions, so tell me, is there a way to display threads by last post first in the new system ?

There is not currently a way to do this and it is not currently on the todo list. It was not a very often-used feature.

Thank you for your answer, cscgal, I guess I'll have to carry on without this great feature :'-(

We have even more fresh member of moderator team, even he is more veteran in Python use, our own Dr. Gribouillis

float('inf') concratulations!

I doubt anybody would disagree with this obvious next step for formidable helper and teacher of the forum.

On closing your threads as solved, guys!

In case the thread you started is solved you should close the thread with Mark Question Solved In case you desire to mark well writen answers, you can give up/downvotes by clicking arrows on top right corner. In case somebody gave you good solution you may decide to instead of clicking the arrows to write a comment in pop up window on hover over arrow and click Vote & Comment to add the reputation of the poster with your positive rep power.

Congratulations to the two new Python moderators.
Your contributions have been outstanding!