How to correctly/standardly define schema for neo4j database in my C# application?

In my application, I have nodes with properties and relations with properties. I want to define templates/Classes of these nodes and relations that can then be created and related at run time and retrieved as objects of a class with queries.

After a lot of search and research, I found something that was nearly related to my question: http://blog.micic.ch/net/using-neo4j-graph-db-with-c-net

But according to the Neo4j Documentation these are legacy methods. https://github.com/Readify/Neo4jClient/wiki

So What is the Current standard way in Neo4J 2.0? As we also have labels now.

I hope I am clear enough in my question. If not, Please let me know.

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I don't use Neo4j but it looks like a relational Entity style database. So, I would go with the idea that each table in the database should be modelled on your class. This would be a fairly standard way of modelling your database for this kind of work, in my opinion.

You might be better off asking on the Neo4j Google Group though.

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