Hi all,
I just came up with a little problem.I used crystal reports for my reporting.
And i used five tables for the report.I've used SQL statement to select the records that i want.
But crystal reports displays each record (selected by the sql) on a different page which makes it bulky.
I just wanted all the related records to be displayed on a page.What should i do?

Here's my sql that i used and the result i got.

"SELECT * FROM [project],[work_item],[work_item_material_cost],[work_item_labour_cost]," & _
                                         "[work_item_equipment_cost] WHERE [project].[project number]=[work_item_material_cost].[project number] AND" & _
                                        "[project].[project number]=[work_item_labour_cost].[project number] AND [project].[project number]=[work_item_equipment_cost].[project number] AND" & _
                                        "[project].[project number]='" & str & "'"
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