Please Help me with my problems as follows below :

1 What is the connection string to connect database to

2 How do i INSERT UPDATE DELETE AND SEARCH records using sql..

3 How do i start creating a database application using and sql

Thats all... hope you will help with my ny problem... I will assure that i will appreciate all your comments or suggestion...

Thank You

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I've just gone through all this myself. It was great. Here were my steps for my particular approach. (Links Below) Note: This was just my recent research into MySQL, there are other alternatives.

First there are a few DBMS or RDBMS <--- Learned that too. MySQL Workbench, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc

I chose to Use MySQL, so I downloaded SQL Server which runs nicely as a service in the background. I also have MySQL Server running on my server (For remote testing) and installed MySQL Workbench for additional testing and development.

I then downloaded and installed SQL Connector for VB.Net, which lets me easily connect to MySQL databases.

After that I bought a SQL book which gave me all the commands I need to play with.

I then checked out Microsoft's Virtual Accadamy on database fundamentals

I'm Having great fun.

So in this order i did the following
  1. Watched and learned the fundamentals of databases on MSVA Click Here These guys are using MS SQL Server (T-SQL etc) which has some slight SQL variations

  2. Bought this book for SQL commands (Superb by the way) Click Here

  3. I then got my hannds on MySQL Server This page gives you links to MySQL, MySQL Workbench, and the VB.Net Connectors Click Here

It took a couple of days to figure everything out, but now it's all fine and dandy.

Note: if you don't want to have to install the MySQL Server then you need to look into SQLite.

Watch out though, after doing much research, there is difficulty developing windows 8 and 8.1 apps using these kind of databases because apps are run in sandbox. Remote\Server access is ok, but just watch out for local database restrictions.

Have Fun

I almost forgot to mention LINQ too... really cool, powerful stuff. This is amazing, you can query XML, SQL, Object Structures, Lists, Collections etc Click Here

MySQL is a open source RDBMS. You would download it from MySQL.Com. The newly reales version is MySQL 5.6.21. The MS SQL Server also a freeware. You would download it from Microsoft Download Center. There are too many versions, MsSql server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 etc. SQL Statments are same for all of the RDBMS.

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