i need to on button click be able to search for an image rename and move the image to a new folder on next frm load pic box with an image base on the name of the file inside the folder

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ok im doing a inventory program and i have 2 frms one creates the item (ItemMaker) and another is the item viewer (ItemViewer) on ItemMaker i want to from button click open the file browser and select an image then copy and rename the image (Item01) and paste to an image folder that a pic box located on frm ItemViewer can load based on the name of the item. Item name is the Same name giving to the pic

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that just it i cant find any info on how to do this without a database and the project scope wont alllow the use of a database i have no code for this function i need a starting point


i know a little the rest of the program is done i just cant seem to get the image uploader working its the last piece of the program i just cant seem to find the info i need to get the image in my folder and displayed




to move the image file (there are 4 overloads so pick the one that you need). To display an image you can use a PictureBox control with the Zoom property set to Size. To display an image you do

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