i need to on button click be able to search for an image rename and move the image to a new folder on next frm load pic box with an image base on the name of the file inside the folder

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ok im doing a inventory program and i have 2 frms one creates the item (ItemMaker) and another is the item viewer (ItemViewer) on ItemMaker i want to from button click open the file browser and select an image then copy and rename the image (Item01) and paste to an image folder that a pic box located on frm ItemViewer can load based on the name of the item. Item name is the Same name giving to the pic

That's much better. What code have you got so far and what are you having problems with?

that just it i cant find any info on how to do this without a database and the project scope wont alllow the use of a database i have no code for this function i need a starting point

i know a little the rest of the program is done i just cant seem to get the image uploader working its the last piece of the program i just cant seem to find the info i need to get the image in my folder and displayed



to move the image file (there are 4 overloads so pick the one that you need). To display an image you can use a PictureBox control with the Zoom property set to Size. To display an image you do

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