Friends , I am new to VB.NET I know something about VisualBasics 6 Ther we have a DataManager to create new database and tables.
In VB.NET Is ther any facility to create new database and tables,If so how to use it?If there is no such facility how can we make new database?
Kindly some one help me

I suggest you download MS SQL Express and SQL Management Studio (both are free). The first is the DBMS (database management system) and the second is the graphical interface for managing the databases (creating, modifying, etc.)

That means doesn't have any facility for database creation Am I right?

If it does I've never bothered to use it. Because I use MS SQL I just installed the best tool for managing it (which was free). Certainly SQL Management Studio is far better than anything you are likely to get built-in to vb in Visual Studio (if anything).