I have to create an sql database for work, for my students to work with. I have created a large portion of the program, but i am stuck on the searching of data. So searching for a person or department. Not sure how to do it, here is my code. i anyone can point me in the right direction

http://pastebin.com/S5GDYWiQ - Database class file
http://pastebin.com/91i1N17s - form code

Thank you

In order to select rows from database, you need to use SELECT with appropriate WHERE clause.

Include necessary code and description of problem in your post.

PS: I'd like to suggest you to learn/use LINQ and Entity Framework.

Hi, its a nice suggestion by _avd and I would like to add to the same that if you wish to select all the person table's records you may use Select * from Persons_Table; in your SQL IDE and moreover for further help in SQL queries you may go through Click Here

Hey mcoliver88, I sent you a message.

I would like to see what you figured out about the SQL link I sent you

this is an example for searching person 'malek' from tabletablePerson:
select (*) from tablePerson where tablePerso=' malek';

I am not getting much from your request but a question related to a SELECT statement in SQL. Canyou maybe provide more information please?

You say that you created a huge portion of the program but stuck on something related to a Select statement? There has to be more to this somehow...