Hello there.. I want to backup my database (MySQL) using a command button in VB6...How can I do that? thank you for answering... :)

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FileSystemObject.CopyFile "c:\mydocuments\letters\ *.doc", "c:\tempfolder\" Click Here

it didn't work :3

Dim SourceFile, DestinationFile As String
SourceFile = "SRCFILE" ' Define source file name.
DestinationFile = "DESTFILE" ' Define target file name.
FileCopy(SourceFile, DestinationFile) ' Copy source to target.

Also show us the code you are using

Im sorry to say but I don't have any codes from it..It is my first time to backup a database of MySQL using VB6..I'm just a newbie :)

O.K- create a command button
You need the location and the filename of the file you want to copy. You need a location where you want it copy to and you need to give a filename.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
FileCopy "C:\1.txt", "C:\Folder1\2.txt"
End Sub

here you can see that c:\ is the source directory
1.txt is the filename that get copied to c:\ directory into folder Folder1 as file 2.text

or else used a adodc1 for linking used Adodc1.Connecstring="app.path"

Thanks a lot guys! It works! :)

Please mark it solved. Thanks

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