Hi, i'm a beginner to computer programming and I feel like I didn't learn anything in college. I got my associates in science and I don't know from where to start orwhat language to choose. Does everybody go through this stage before they become good programmers?

I used computer languages to solve science problems at work, starting with C then Pascal, followed by Python. Python was and is by far the most powerful tool and actually fun to use.

Python the most powerfull tool? I find C extremely powerfull too?

Anyway, it's hard to point out what works best for you. Everyone is different and we all want to do different things. But what do you want to learn? Do you have anything you're dreaming about programming? If we know a bit about your plans it will be easier for us to point you in the right direction.

But yes, many people use Python as a first language, as for good reason. It's fairly easy to learn, it teaches you good code structure and you will find loads of support.

So Python is more powerfull that C because you need to write less lines of code? Without C it wouldn't have been possible to create Python.

The C compiler is written in what computer language?
Python could have been written in Assembly language.

Strictly speaking, C is a low level language and Python is a high level language. Each of those has a purpose.

I guess most C compilers are written in C (for instance, GCC is). Compiling the new version of the GCC compiler using the old version of GCC as a compiler is a rutinary process for a linux administrator (if he happens to work with a source-code based packaging-system, like gentoo).

On the other hand, there is always the chicken and egg problem: Who wrote the first C compiler and how got it compiled? Of course they could not use C, since there was no compiler available. I have no idea on how they did it, but you can imagine: they used any other (maybe simpler) compiler they had available, or any 'tool' that could use at that ancient time to get a compiler in executable shape....

Read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bootstrapping_%28compilers%29

Who wrote the first C compiler and how got it compiled?

Here's some history.