can i have some advice for making a basic program, and can someone help me through python plz

What sort of problem are you having, or trying to solve? We will need more information before we can give a sensible answer.

Use Idle to start, as it comes with Python. Later you can move to something else once you know more. Getting started with Idle (although your version of Python is hopefully newer than the one used in the link). Next start with a tutorial like this one There are more tutorials on the Python Wiki

i am new, i have just been doing an "how old are you in days minutes and seconds" i would like a program which is fairly easy, that you can guide me through as i have only learned the basics of python. in the future i hope to become a programmer as a job. :D

Okay, so you're basically asking for a programming project you an work on while expanding your skills? At the same time you're asking for a mentor?

If you want to program, you will have to realize that you can't have one person guiding you all the time. Programming takes a lot of time and especially from yourself. You will have to use a lot of time studying and, well, programming.

There are a lot of small beginner projects you can work on, I know there's a thread here somewhere too. But I will recommend you to just pick a fairly small/easy project and work on that until you completes it. It doesn't have to be something big and advanced, start small.

We will of course help you if you need help, but no one here has the time to teach you programming. The right way of doing it, would be to pick a project, study for it and ask help if it's needed. You will encounter many small problems, which by first look at it seems hard to defeat. But if you have some patience and will, you can defeat them on your own. If the problem is too advanced or you simply have hit a wall, come and ask :)

Programming is a world of self teaching and hard work.