Hello everyone
I'm creating an application in visual basic 2010, "I'm very new to this"
What i want to do now is to make a monitor to check the status of the website server (If it's up or down)
I know that i can just ping it using CMD"command" But i actually wants something more professional or at less better than just pinging the server
Something like a heartbeat web status or something like any of these graphic Click Here
Thank you so much guys for your helps all the time

I wrote something similar while troubleshooting a wireless internet connection this summer. You are welcoome to have a look if it will help. You'll find it here. It uses three background threads to monitor

  • The wireless hub (
  • two DNS

although you can enter up to three IP addresses or URLs of your choice.

Hello Reverend Jim
As always, Thank you for your responds
I have tried what you just sent me, And i kind of like the idea of the application that it called "InternetMonitor (last good)"
But, "There is But" :P
I wanted something that it will check the status of the web server if it's up or down
As i said, I did like the idea of InternetMonitor (last good) because it shows you at what time it started/Up for/Total up
But when i put the URL to check if the site is up or down, it shows me
For Example:
Date + my current time stared www.daniweb.com
date + time was UP for 00:00:05
date + time was XHUB for 00:00:01
date + time was up for 00:00:32
date + time was XHUB for 00:00:01 and so on
I did test it on a website that for sure i know it's down,Because i checked it online using host-tracker.com , But that doesn't show if the site is down on your application you sent me
Any idea? Plus The "Total down" that you have on the down bar on right it doesn't do anything at all
I tried to get the project so i can look at the codes, But i only found the project for the internetMonitor The one with the HUB IP1 IP2
Please Help
thanks friend :)

I should have said "DNS name" rather than URL. It will convert www.daniweb to an IP address but not http://www.daniweb.com. I have played around with it off and on since I originally wrote it. It is possible I may have introduced a bug in the up/down times. I'll try to find some time to look at it tomorrow.

Thank you very vert much Reverend for your helps :)

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