Hi, I am having some trouble with arrays.

I have an array of 5 elements. The values of the array are integers. I want to validate the input using an if statement. (the numbers must be between 10 and 100).

I then want to compare the user input to the unique numbers in the array using a for statement. I only want to store the new number if it is unique.

Please help, I'm desperate!!

show us your effort with some code and we will help

This is the code so far

public class array
//This gerts 5 unique numbers from the user
public void getNumbers()
Scanner input = new Scanner( System.in );

new int[5] //Constructing the array

int[] number = new int[5]; //Declaration of the array variable
int count = 0; // Number of uniques read
int entered = 0; // Number of numbers entered

//Checks whether the number entered has already been entered into the array, if it has then the following message is displayed:
while( entered < numbers.length )
System.out.print( "Enter number:" );
int[0] = input.nextInt;

if (int[] == number)

I'll go through each of the errors I see.

1) new int[5] //Constructing the array This line does nothing useful and is missing a semicolon. You should remove the line completely.

2) int[0] = input.nextInt This line should be using the variable name, not the variable type to reference the array. Also, you're missing parentheses after nextInt , also, you want to change the index each loop so you don't rewrite over element 0. Probably should be: number[entered] = input.nextInt(); 3) if (int[] == number) I have no idea what you're trying to do here.