Bagaimana caranya ganti nilai hex dari file dat dalam file bin di vbnet dengan menggunakan satu tombol, tolong beri saya coding dan jawaban karena saya memerlukannya :). coba lihat contoh di gambar

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How do I change the hex value of the dat file in the bin file in vbnet using a single button, please give me coding and answer because I need it :). just look at the example in the picture

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Don't understand the problem. Do you just want to copy some bytes from the data file to a bin file? The terms "data file" and "bin file" are rather ambibuous, they are both really the same thing.

881568f26e66340e353915f5d5d2a70e yes I want to copy a few bytes of data files to the bin file, the image above is only just an example, look at this picture

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