Hello Good Day Everyone!I want to ask for help in making this android application that is one of our requirements for graduation.The Android must go like this:Android App that can give tutorials on different programming language and in every end of the chapter it should provide a test.A test should be design as a game activity, its an activity that would test their learning if they understand the chapter. The came will be design a a compiler game style the compiler must accepts CC++, Java, Html, and CSS for begginers and Javascript, JQuery, SQL, and PHP for Intermidiate. The game should provide skeleton problem or any kind of game then the user will arrange or solve the problem.I hope that you can help me because I'm not really good in this field. I'm more into multimedia and web designing.. :))

Ok Rina, I'm sure we can help when you get stuck, but you are going to have to do a lot of planning and put in some effort. Nobody's just going to do your homework for you.

Show us what you've done, where you are stuck and where we can help. Remember, the whole point of this is for you to earn your graduation, otherwise it's all for nothing.