Hello everyone,
I have 1 raspberrypi and 1 windows server which already has mysql (phpmyadmin) inside it.
I need to insert data by using a python script inside the raspberrypi (I work from the raspberrypi) but the data must go to the windows server (it doesn't work yet), the point is, inside raspberrypi only has python script contains ordering to insert data and the mysql-client, and the windows server only has the mysql phpmyadmin, no python script at all.
I can ping from Raspberrypi to the windows server and vice versa, meaning they are both connected each other.
I also already install mysqldb and mysql-client inside the raspberry as an interface to that windows server.
In phpmyadmin, under privilege menu, I already setup to letting the raspberrypi's IP to either insert or delete the data, but it does not work yet, always returns to error messages.
Would you please let me know the correct setting?
Many thanks.


Maybe this post will help you:
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If you have a proper ip to relate to your windows mysql server, then it will be a matter of setting the right properties in the python connection.