I have project of vb.net when i make setup and run in my machine it works perfectly but when i run that setup in another machine it is giving "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154) HRESULT-class not registered" error..I have to give this project to client...please help

does both machine have the same platform ?
(if not check this Click Here)
check .NET Framework version
try to include all your application files in your software (go to publish then application files)

the main problem project is ActiveX control are used in this project..i registered all controls but it is giving error that you must have a license..

I think that vb.net doesn't install activex controls but net controls. So you might have used some activex control from vb6. VB6 installed these controls and registered these in the system using its installer and registration key. Try to install vb6 on the other computer and see if this works.