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hi my name is vishal for past 5 days i have been nuts of how to combine data from multiple tables into single table using sql select query (join query) Given below i have tried solution but i get error message data not found. But in table i have datas

SELECT [Inward].[agn], [item_master].[item_name], [Inward].[no_of_bundle], [store_master].[rack_name], [store_master].[store_no] 
FROM (Inward INNER JOIN store_master ON [Inward].[store_no]=[store_master].[store_no]) INNER JOIN item_master ON [store_master].[user_id]=[item_master].[user_id] 
WHERE [item_master].[status]=True And [Inward].[deleted_status]=False And [Inward].[closed_status]=False And [Inward].[agn]<>0 And [store_master].[status]=True; 

however the problem lies in my sql select query above.

I have to show agn field from table named Inward,item_name field from table named item_master,no_of_bundle field from table named Inward,rack_name field from table named store_master,store_no field from table named store_master. When I tried the above query I get message that datas are not found for any agn. But in fact there are datas for agn I just need to check with another table named Stock_Register.

Given below are structure of my 4 tables:

Column Name                                         DataType
mfr_ref_number                                       Text
no_of_bundle                                         Integer
supplier_id                                          Integer
DC_date                                              Date/Time
INV_date                                             Date/Time
row_upd_date                                         Date/Time
courier_name                                           Text
inward_type                                            Text
user_id                                              Long(contains values 0 for all entries)
DC_NO                                                  Text
closed_status                                         Boolean(true for some agn only)
to_dept                                                Text
agn                                                    Long


user_id                                               Long(contains 0 as value for all)
row_upd_date                                          Date/Time
status                                                Boolean
item_name                                             Text
item_parent                                           Long
item_price                                            Double
item_desc1                                            Memo
item_desc2                                            Memo
item_desc3                                            Memo
item_type                                             Long
item_code                                             Text
agn                                                   Long
measure_type                                          Text

table3:name: Stock_Register
Column Name                                             DataType
row_upd_date                                            Date/Time
technician_id                                            Long
user_id                                                  Long(contains 0 as value for all entries)
in_out_type                                              Integer
status                                                   Boolean
item_id                                                  Long
qty_debit                                                Double
qty_credit                                               Double
in_out_id                                                Long
store_no                                                 Long
sl_no                                                    Text
ref_id                                                   Long

ColumnName                                           DataType
rack_name                                             Text
rack_desc                                             Memo
user_id                                               Long(contains 0 as value for all entries)
row_upd_date                                          Date/Time
status                                                Boolean
store_no                                              Long

Now I tried above query in various ways in correcting my query but I am going nuts over this problem.
Please tell me how to fix my sql select query. Any guidance or help in correcting my sql select query would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone help me fix this sql select query?