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I'm currently working on a project in which I need to extract Email addresses from Outlook DBX files. I'm facing little difficulty while doing this. The main problem in front of me is handling large files! Basically, I think my approach is to be refined. Currently, I read the DBX file line by line and then use RegExp to check if there is any string alike Email address string. If yes then I extract it to Listview otherwise move on to next Line.

When I observed the DBX file, there is some data on the top of file and then a stack of saved Email Drafts starts. I could not find the separator information used in DBX file by Outlook Express to parse and collect email message while loading those in Outlook Express Application. Can anybody please tell me the structure of DBX file? Do you know any code in Visual Basic 6.0 which is capable of reading Outlook Express DBX files? That will greatly help me. Any Links/Tips are welcome!

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