Hi all,

I'd like to create an interactive voice response menu system on my own. I'd like to use my MySQL database. I have a found an interesting idea (https://ivrhttpozml.codeplex.com/), but it's based on using a webserver. In short, the previously copied guide presents a simple XML code (more exactly an OzML code) and it should be hosted through a webserver.

Does anybody have a similar solution using a database server?

Thanks in advance

IVR through HTTP requests and responses... that's solution is really interesting. I'll try it. But if you insist on a database solution, you may look around at the developer's site. As far as I know ozeki pbx has an SQL API. It may helps you...

Thanks, bro! By now, I know how to connect my MYSQL (and 11 other databases) to Ozeki phone system. And now I'm trying to implement an <URL SNIPPED>
Thanks for your help

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