making a windows modern for linux with visual studio

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So let me get this straight.... From looking at your other threads, you intend to create a bunch of desktop GUI components for Linux using Visual Studio??

The good news is, if you want to create desktop components for Linux; you can do so, but you will need to have a good understanding of Unix-like OSes and have some programming experience at system level. Also, you're going to need to choose a Linux compatible, cross-platform GUI library to do this with (QT, GTK2/3, wxWidgets etc).

The bad news is, you aren't going to be able to use Visual Studio to do this. Visual studio is Windows only. You'd need to use gcc on Linux.

So are you just planning to create a few replacement components for an existing desktop environment? If so, which desktop? (Gnome3, KDE, Openbox, Cinnamon etc) Or do you intend to create an entire desktop environment of your own?

Also ask yourself, do you really need to undertake this? Would it be simpler to create a theme for an existing Linux desktop environment?

For example: It would be fairly straightforward to make the KDE desktop look and behave like Windows. (saying that, it would probably take a fair amount of time and effort, but it would almost certainly take far less effort than creating your own DE components from scratch!)

Just some food for thought!

If you are using gnome, then it isn't Windows, and Visual Studio is not part of this equation. Please tell us EXACTLY what operating system (and version) you are using for this exercise.

actually m usinjg both windows 8 and opensuse (in vmware) and i want to develp mdern interface for linux in windows visual studio.

have a look at Zorin (based on Ubuntu12)
they've done most of your work for you, the down-side to it is the devs have removed alot of features used by everyday people such as both Hibernate and Sleep.

I've upgraded to Ubuntu14 from that, which was a stupid idea I will never do again as I now have to fix a LOAD of support issues.

I actually upgraded twice as I didn't like how it broke wine, but I got different results.
the first upgrade actually got my USB Wifi adapter working, which I can't seem to get working now.
And I still don't have hibernate, but I at least have sleep now.

so yea, Zorin is a bad choice for a linux OS despite it's good GUI.

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