I have a computer running Windows XP. Someone give password. Now I cannot access my PC desktop. After windows logo then ask to give password. What is the process without reinstalling Windows XP or formatting C drive. Please give me solution.

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While there are third party tools you can use to reset the password, Microsoft provides no support for a lost password on XP.


What JorgeM said. Do a Google search. There are a bunch of tools to help you deal with this problem, maybe... :-)


IT will involve Downloading a recovery tool and burning it to a CD or loading it to a bootable USB. Like JorgeM said, plenty of them out there.


Windows XP normally has an Administrator account active. Press on ctrl-alt-del repeatedly or switch user and then use "Administrator" as user and the default password should be blank.


There is a program called Konboot that you buy. You can either burn it by downloading after purchase or wait for a CD to come in mail. Once you do this, boot it up through CD-ROM and it makes needing a password obsolete until you reboot. When you boot up with Konboot, simply goto control panel and ADD NEW USER AS ADMINISTRATOR WITHOUT A PASSWORD! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD AS THIS WONT WORK! ADD NEW USER AS ADMIN WITHOUT A PASSWORD! Then remove cd and reboot. Login with new account and now you can change passwords of other accounts.

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