I have a computer running Windows XP. Someone give password. Now I cannot access my PC desktop. After windows logo then ask to give password. What is the process without reinstalling Windows XP or formatting C drive. Please give me solution.

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While there are third party tools you can use to reset the password, Microsoft provides no support for a lost password on XP.

What JorgeM said. Do a Google search. There are a bunch of tools to help you deal with this problem, maybe... :-)


Using Linux to Fix Windows

IT will involve Downloading a recovery tool and burning it to a CD or loading it to a bootable USB. Like JorgeM said, plenty of them out there.

Windows XP normally has an Administrator account active. Press on ctrl-alt-del repeatedly or switch user and then use "Administrator" as user and the default password should be blank.

There is a program called Konboot that you buy. You can either burn it by downloading after purchase or wait for a CD to come in mail. Once you do this, boot it up through CD-ROM and it makes needing a password obsolete until you reboot. When you boot up with Konboot, simply goto control panel and ADD NEW USER AS ADMINISTRATOR WITHOUT A PASSWORD! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD AS THIS WONT WORK! ADD NEW USER AS ADMIN WITHOUT A PASSWORD! Then remove cd and reboot. Login with new account and now you can change passwords of other accounts.

download ophcrack for windows xp.
perform google for getting the software download link

cracking would take forever when you can just bypass the password altogether in seconds

ERD Commander also lets you reset the Administrator password

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