When I try to open the windows 8 app store via metro, It gets stuck on the splash 'loading' screen, with the logo and the rotating dots. I can leave it for an hour, and it will still stay on that splash screen.

I'll post my system specs later on.

I've tried running the following methods:
* Modern UI troubleshooter (does nothing)
* WSReset.exe - still gets stuck on the windows store splash screen.
* manually clearing the app store cache via command prompt.

At this point, i'm not willing to do a fresh install as I'm knee deep in work at the moment.

Any help?

~ Alex

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Have you check your internet connection? Maybe it is busy with something. You can try at night when the internet traffic is not so heavy.


I just tried it and had a similar problem, but I just hit the back arrow located in the top left corner and it returned to the correct screen. There are a lot of pictures (icons) it has to download so if you have a slow internet connection it might take awhile to load them all.


Just a quick update to this post (marking it as solved at the same time)

Turns out I'd somehow managed to corrupt a significant portion of the windows store's files. Odd considering I had been using it as normal.

Anyway, I eventually got round to reinstalling windows 8, and that fixed the issue.

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