i am writing an automation script in Perl which logs into the server and executes various commands and functions.This Perl script mostly uses "send expect statements and for loops " to run the commands. This Perl script is a back end script which i have written. i have to build a GUI kind of thing for the front end. Though we have Perl/Tk for GUI but i seems very difficult to me since i am a beginner in Perl. Please give me suggestions on whether i can implement in perl-CGI ???? should i divide my back end script into separate programs and execute with html , will there be continuity coz i am logging on to server and executing commands????

please help

Thank you in advance

Yes, use a web browser for you user interface. It will call the Perl/CGI script. There is likly no need to "divide" the script into pieces.

Not sure what you mean when you ask "... and execute with html "