how do i delete,update,add and sort on a visual studio 2013 which is linked to a SQL server 2012 database?

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Do you know SQL (Structured Query Language)?. It doesn't matter what programming language you use, all of them have to use SQL statements in order to accomplish the tasks you are asking about.

Yes I do know it, okay thanks for your help.

There is also another way wereby all the function u require are auto generated and not that much coding is required it is all done withing visual studio as far as the database being linked to sql server i am not sure if it will still work

That's true -- if you are coding with MFC in C++. AFAIK C# has no such similar library. The closest I can think of is DataGridView.

If you are linking to SQL server it would be best to use the Structured Query Language. As an alternative you could use the built-in database option in visual studio

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