I just now installed python 3.3.4 on my mac os 10.9.1 mavericks. I am developing through the Wing IDE for mac. When i tried to change the python excutable from default to python 3.3.4 and restarted the program, a dialog box appeared thta said that the interpreter for python 3.3 might not exist. What is that supposed to mean? I checked the idle for python version and it says the version is 3.3, but when I run python in terminal, it shows python 2.7.6 only. How is that possible? Please help.

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Maybe you downloaded the wrong version of Python, or the IDE your using is not compatible with Python 3.3.4. Maybe you should reinstall Python 3.3.4, because it may not have installed correctly. I'll research on it.

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Mac OS X 10.8 comes with Python 2.7 pre-installed by Apple. Maybe you should uninstall Python completely, then reinstall it. that's about the best i can come up with. I'm not sure if that will help though.

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