Hi, I'm running a mid/late 2007 Macbook Pro with Mavericks:

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When I connect a second display the cpu temp goes through the roof, 90C with the fans at max. When I disconnect the screen the temperature comes down. Temperature Monitor shows that it's the CPU's not the GPU that are getting hot. I've looked in Activity Monitor and there's nothing taking up a large amount of CPU that would seem to be causing this.
I've cleaned out the Mac in the last 5 months so I doubt it's a dust build up problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you connected with your Apple "Gurus" about this issue? It certainly isn't normal behavior, though I don't know a lot of people who use dual displays with their macbook laptops. I use dual displays on my Windows 7 laptop (Lenovo) and it doesn't seem to affect the cpu temperature - it is running an nVidia graphics chip set for both. I think your system has both an Intel GPU as well as an nVidia GPU, so if that it the case, you might try to disable the Intel GPU in the BIOS since that is likely co-located with the CPU, hence the heat increase you are experiencing.

Hi, it doesn't have intergrated graphics, it has a separate nvidia gpu. According to Temperature Monitor it's the 2 CPU cores that are getting hot. I use the Macbook Pro to run karaoke nights using Virtual DJ hence the second screen. It's not the software either as this happens when Virtual DJ is shut down.

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