Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I am new to this site. Actually, I just joinned about 10 minutes ago. Anyway...

I want to make a Cocoa applictation using all code in Xcode, not using the Interface Builder. I have searched a lot on this and have not found anything since most people want to use the Interface Builder. Please don't say anything like "Don't waist your time on it", "They did the work for you, why do it yourself?", etc., like most people. When I make applications, I like to use all code. So, can you explain how to do this or post a link?

Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: Or this might have to be done in Objective-C, so please tell me if I need to move this.

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No, I haven't, but it looks like I need to move this to objective-c instead.

Well, I can't now, so should I start a new thread in ibjective-c?

you can't move the thread -- just hit "Flag Bad Post" button and ask a moderator to move it for you.

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