I have searched everywhere for Borland Delphi 7 but I cant find it anywhere. I used it a while ago when I got it as part of my programmer courses but I lost all the data on my harddrive. I have looked on Borlands main website but I was unable to find it.

Does anyone have a link or so to it?

Embarcadero does still sell a license for D7 (but they don't advertise it- you will have to call their sales department), but at the same cost as XE5.

HOWEVER: If you buy XE5 Pro (or higher) before the end of March 2014, you will have access to download a fully licensed earlier version (including D7) for free. Note, not all earlier versions are available, D7 is though). Until the end of March, you can get a bunch of stuff on this special offer, so you would have to move quickly.

If you go this route, be aware that your special offer stuff MUST be redeemed within (60 days?? 90 days??) of your XE5 purchase, or you lose the chance to get the older versions.

IF you have a valid registered license, you can log into their developer network and there will be a place to re-download anything your registered license entitles you to, including your original D7 stuff.

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