Hey Guys!

I want some idea for a program i can write on Delphi. My brain is drained out :/....
Just something to do in my free time.


Implement an elevator simulation. Floors, number of elevators etc.
I can garantee you will be busy for a while.

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This isn't really an idea for a particular program. But if you want something to sharpen your skills, Project Euler is very interesting and fun.

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Rather than writing a random program that you don't really need, start a library of useful routines & classes that may be useful in future projects. This may produce something useful. You can do as much or as little as you want at any time, and you can constantly add to it as you write new stuff.

For example, a date class with decent arithmetic & format features. Better wrappers around message boxes so you don't have to remember all the icon & button identifiers. Exception-handling routines. Routines to fetch files from the internet, or grab a web page as a file. Write a better grid, or treeview. For example, a treeview with support for check boxes, or a grid which you can sort (ascending & descending alternately) by clicking on a column title.

One of the best items in my own library of useful widgets is a red-black tree. I use it in some places where I would otherwise use a TList and it can be much faster.

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Thanks guys! I think I'll use each answer - that will keep my busy for a while

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