i want to create a table and fill the data inside. i have crated table manully using loop now i want to fill data inside it... how we can fill plz help

Dim tmpcounter As Integer
tmpcounter = pageLeft + Printer.CurrentY

    For x1 = pageLeft To 2036 Step 200
          Printer.Line (x1, tmpcounter)-(x1, 2036)         

    For y1 = tmpcounter To 2036 Step 200
            Printer.Line (pageLeft, y1)-(2036, y1)

needed urgently .....

Can you post the code for the table? What do you want the data to look like in the table?

above code is creating a table. in printermode we have to create manually table which is actually vertcal and horizontal lines but looks like table.. so i done this but not getting the data inside these line..