Hi Everyone,

I am here to start a defferent project, intresting for me of video clips comparison in C#.

I would like to develop a destop application which can compare a video sample clip A with a destination video clip B. All I want to do is E.g if I have hundreds of video clips available in my D drive and I want to find a specific video. And I have for exapmle a 10 seconds video clip sample available. The application will compare the contents of Destination video file B with the source video sample file A. And if found the 10 seconds same in any where in destination file video B, then will copy the path of the destination file B.

I don't know where to start and how to start and how I will compare the contents of these two file (Source and destination).

Any idea in this regard?


@Momerath. Thanks.
Let me take my time to study the stuff there on this link and will come back to discuss more.

I have studied stuff on the link provided. Got much theoratical but still confused how to extract components of a video in c sharp and then compare it to the target file.

Any help in this regard?

Also I have tried to get some video tutorials for that but I think there is no such tutorial for "Video Fingerprinting". If you have any link for a video tutorial of "Video fingerprinting in c sharp". Then please do let me know about that.
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These people have an SDK for this.

This is a non-trivial task. If you want to do it on your own, look for research papers and stuff in other languages that you might be able to convert.

Thanks alot.
I am on it. I think I will get much more with your advices there.

Kind Regards.