It seems that my video files are not working or are distorted (loss of aspect ratio or width) when viewed in Firefox and also Safari (who want to charge for a plugin). Chrome under XP Pro only shows about a quarter of the video but the right scale and aspect ratio.

I need users to be able to play video files without the hassle of downloading or enabling a plugin or being restricted to one browser. My neighbour has suggested that it's getting worse as due to the EU Microsoft may no longer include Windows Media Player with its OS. I should be able to convert WMF format to another more universal format. What format would be best?



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Mp4 is the web standard these days as it is cross browser and cross platform compatible . And for embedding mp4 videos you can use jwplayer (which can be downloaded for free from jwplayer.com and uploaded to your website ) which again will work across all browsers and operating systems including mobile

Thanks mattskills. Unless anyone has anything else to add you seemed to have solved this question.


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