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I am final year student of UG Computer Science.. I am creating my College Admin Project using Vb.net 2010 with SQL server 2005. When i am trying to complete my project , i have to connect all my different modules (Admission, Fee Management, Students Profile, Attendance System - That are in different project soultions) into one form where i have few command buttons to run that module.. Kindly help me to do so... I have to submit it on monday..

I have added my screen shot too...

Thanks in Advance...

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What do you mean by "different modules....in different project solutions"? Are you talking about a vb module (ex: Module1.vb, Module2.vb, etc)? Or are you talking about some forms that exist in different projects? Why did you choose to create them in separate projects? Is that a requirement for your project?


Hi Cgeier,

Thanks for ur reply... I mean modules as individual parts of the project. We three students joinly doing this project.. They designed thier part ie.. If my friend1 is doing fee details, he created a solution called Fee_management.sln and have developed that part.

Now after completing the project, we are in need of combining them into one. So we feel to create a common solution where the individuals work will be incorporated. (Under College managemnt Solution, we have to run them as individual projects..Admission, Fee Management, Attendance System and so on...)
Kindly refer the screen shot i have added...

Thank you so much for ur clarification....

Thanks a lot



Hi Cgeier,

Thanks for ur reply... I am afraid i ddnt express myself clearly.

My problem is running another vb.net project solution / Visual Basic Project file (.vbproj) when I click a command button.

I have my main project file called “Project.sln”. I have a command button in the main form. Now I wanted to run a project i had done "Fee_Management.sln" which contains "form1,form2,form3".

I tried as we normally doing it for running a form from another form with the command “form.show”. It will not work.

So please help me with a sample code?

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