i am developing a project in c++ and i need database to save details.i googled but so far have bot come across a good tutorial for c++ database . most of the articles i have found are obsolete.
please suggest what are APIs for database in c++?

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You are not even mentioning what database type you would like to access.

If you just need any, then have a look at LiteSQL - easy to use and first few results already talks about C++. However this one is typically locally stored.

Maybe you want a more typical network-accessed database like MSSQL or MySQL?

If you specify this in your own Google searches, I think you will have much more success in finding a good library for implementation. But if you are a beginner to C++, you will learn MySQL implementation can be a little challenging.

Good luck.

i am beginner .. i have ms access installed on my system..the tutorials i found are implemented on visual c++ 6.0 and im getting error while usign those examples on MS VS 12.
what database would you suggest?

c++ language itself does not have an api for database access. As a beginner accessing any SQL compliant database is probably going to be very challenging. Before doing anything you need to study the SQL language so that you know how to request data and update the database. Without that knowledge you will get nowhere. There are plenty of online tutorials that will provide you with that info.

Here is a tutorial that will guide you through the process of using Micosoft Access database via ADO library.

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