I'll be completely honest, I haven't googled this very much as I have no idea of how to put it. So a nudge in the right direction will be most appriciated.

I have two forms and two tables.
The first form has a series of text boxes that collect information about a training class such as its location, trainer, topics covered, etc, and saves it to tblTraining in sql with a TrainingID number.
The second form has an datagridview that collect emloyee ids, names, and also has a TrainingID field. I want the second form to automatically load the TrainingID number from the first form into the TrainingID column in the second field. How do I do this? Where can I search?

How is the second form opened? Does the first form open the second form? If so, create a constructor in the second form and pass the data in the constructor. If not, you can use events. See a tutorial here.